Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great to be 28!

I have to admit that getting older freaks me out, so I wasn't really looking forward to turning 28 this year.  Luckily, Spencer made it one of the best birthdays I've ever had.  He planned for us to spend a night alone in San Francisco while my parents watched the kids.  We spent our time doing what I love: eating!  It was a blast and I am so grateful for my wonderful husband for planning my special day.
This is me before I scarfed down richest, most chocolaty desert I could find at Ghirardelli Square.


Halloween was so much fun this year.  Noah and Leila were old enough to be really excited about their costumes and they had so much fun trick-or-treating and dressing up.
 Noah had a field trip at the pumpkin patch with his preschool.  Ezra and Leila were lucky enough to tag along too.  Ezra loved the pumpkins.
 I thought it would be hilarious for Spencer to dress up as Edward from Twilight.  He actually did it and I still can't stop laughing about it!
 Here is Ezra in his parrot costume.  He absolutely hated it, but it was so cute!

Here is Noah as Captain America and Leila as Batman.  Leila is hilarious.  I took her to Target and told her that she could have any costume, and she had to have Batman.  The smallest Batman costume they had was about five sizes to big, so she went around in an oversized Batman costume.  Everyone that saw her sure got a kick out of it.  She is a little girl with a really big personality.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daddy Daycare

This is what happens when Spencer watches the kids while I am at Activity Day.

Yes, that is nine month old baby Ezra chowing down on a huge pile of whipped cream.  If this was my first kid, I would have totally freaked out and came home from whatever I was doing.  If this was my second kid, I would have freaked out a little bit and probably gotten over it after a few hours.  Since this is the third kid that I've had in four years, I thought it was pretty funny and was just glad that he was so full from eating garbage that he actually slept through the night.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Noah's Photography

When my old iPhone died, I let Noah have it to play with.  The camera on it still works and he learned how to use it to take pictures.  He likes to take pictures of everything.  I'm not sure if it is because I have my mom goggles on, but I think his pictures are really cool and I am impressed with how well they turn out.  I think it is fascinating to look at life through the eyes of my four year old.

Noah's First Day of School

Noah was able to start preschool this year.

This is his bag that we got to decorate for preschool.  

Here he is on his way out the door.  Leila was really excited an happy too, until she found out that she doesn't get to go to preschool yet.

 Papa Jim was in town and able to see Noah on his first day.

Noah was extremely nervous and scared when we got there. I think his first day was a little rough.  He told me that he wanted me to stay and take care of him and he was really sad when he learned that I would not be going to school with him.  He seemed happy when I picked him up that day and he really enjoys school now.  His teacher, Mrs. Fowler, is awesome and he is learning so many neat things!

Birthday Boys

We had two birthdays in July to celebrate this year.  Spencer's 30th and Noah's 4th.

We were able to get together with the family California and throw Spencer a party for his big 3-0.  It was a lot of fun.
We took the kids to the Oakland temple so they could see where we got married.  We went to the visitor's center as well.

 After visiting the temple, we had a fat fest at Fenton's after the temple.  I had a crab salad sandwich and we all had massive ice cream sundaes.  It was totally delicious and we enjoyed every bite!

We took Noah to the Carson City Railroad Museum for his birthday.
 Ezra loved the train ride.

 Here is the train cake I made for Noah's birthday.  It was make of cupcakes.  You can't tell it is supposed to be a train in this picture and it looks like an 8 year old made it, but it was fun and the kids liked it.
Having fun with the train table at the Railroad Museum.

Summer Fun 2011

We have been able to do a lot of fun things this summer and time flew by so quickly.

I was able to take the kids to Hot August Nights with my parents this year. We saw a lot of neat stuff, but this was the best. Noah thought it was the real Bat Mobile and thought Batman was coming to Reno to visit him. He was really sad that he couldn't meet Batman, so he drew him a picture of the Joker and wrote a letter telling him he needs to come back to Reno next year.

We told Leila that if she would poop on the potty and help clean up dog poop in the backyard that we would get her a slide. She still isn't potty trained, but she does help with the dog poop. She loves to help find the poop and helps me put it in the bag. It is sort of like a sick Easter egg hunt. The kids love the slide, especially when we put the baby pool under it. It is amazing at how fast they can go down that little slide when it is wet!

We went to repticon a few weeks ago. They had tons of cool things there: snakes, lizards, spiders, newts, frogs, and turtles. Leila was able to pet a huge lizard and we were able to take a picture with this huge snake named Princess. It was a blast!